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Teachers do not develop a philosophy of teaching all at once, and they certainly do not do so alone. This class is composed of a diverse group of prospective ELA teachers who have applied and been selected to take this advanced writing course in order to learn, share, and develop new ideas and pedagogical theories. The students spend the semester studying grammar, style, and concepts that produce clear writing, and also discussing language as a whole and where it fits within their lives as teachers and as members of society. These students also have the opportunity to practice what they are learning through SUNY Geneseo’s partnership with York High School, where students conduct writing-based lessons several times throughout the semester.

This blog is an extension of the class, where we can keep the conversation going in an interactive, online space. If a student cannot quite formulate a response to a question or topic in class, this is the perfect place for him or her to elaborate, and further, for the rest of the class to weigh in.

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